Friday, May 7, 2010

And off we go... is friday, and im SO glad to see that its here.

..... I LOVE being involved in alyssas school things. Today is teacher appreciation day? I had NO idea, and feel completly like a horrible student mom. I like alot of people there, I called the husband franticly and told him to go pick up some cards, to take to the teachers.

....I hate that I bribe my child with food, but hey it works right?

......I am so very sad that our other baby sugar bear died, and we cant go get another one this weekend. Damn NAVY! But we will get another one sooner or later. I guess it could be a good thing to get the first one used to us first.

......The hubbs and baby girl are spending the rest of the work day with me :)

......Since FLOW has come to visit me this month, my stomach is KILLING me right now, and its making me want to just go home, and clean then cuddle up and read my book.

......I am actually excited to do a big NOTHING this weekend. (Other than beach, and dinner with some friends)

......I have got to get my house in order.. BIG TIME SLACKER RIGHT HERE!!!!

.... I got all my mothers day cards in the mail, TODAY!!


thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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