Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Weekend of May :)

So this weekend went overall fairly well!

Daddy had duty, so lys and I rented, "The Little Mermaid" together we made chocolate cookies, and made Kool-Aid. It was oober nice to have fun with my baby girl and me. When daddys at work I get her all to my self. Dont get me wrong we enjoy him being home but I had her all to my self for 6 1/2 months. Its gonna take time gettin use to sharing her again. Put her to bed and went and hung out with the neighbors when we got home.

We Momma woke up bright and early, and made pancakes for my pretty, we then watched, "The Little Mermaid" AGAIN! :D After daddy got home from duty, we all scurried up the stairs for some much needed mall time. I found my "Holiday" party dress (that was only 30 bucks I might add, and its TOTALLY me), daddy got some new clothes as well. We just happen to stumble upon these ADORABLE sugar bears.

And yes, we bought 2!!
We havent named them yet, but ones a boy and ones a girl. I wanted to name them something that goes together like, "Bonnie & Clyde", Or "Louis & Clark." Brandon wants it to be more original. So any sugguestions would be GREAT! After that LOVELY adventure to the mall, we met up with my amazing Mandy, and had dinner with her adorable family. We were suppose to go out later that evening, but something came over me, and I had to cancel and go to bed.


Oh, sunday came so fast. Probley dut to the fact of me going to bed so early the night before. LOL And the headache was STILL lingering. So I took more medicine and went about my day. We had to go get our mother's day cards for the family, and other various odds and ends. After grocery shopping, lys nap, and daddy (STILL) working on my car and grilled hot dogs, we (LYS AND I) decided to cut open and eat our watermelon! She LOVED IT. Then bath, bed, and books for lys then clean and ARMY WIVES for momma:)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life. 

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