Thursday, May 27, 2010


1. It just breaks my heart when I hear that we lost a fellow soldier over "there". RIP Lance Cpl. Philip Clark. God Bless you, and your family.

2. Is it normal that now that alyssa like school, she ask to go ALL THE TIME? It to be honest makes me feel super shitty. What if im failing as a parent and she really just likes to be there instead of home with us. Its really begging to break my little heart.

3. Our little sasha is just SO dang cute..

4. Speaking of pets oh my, is our molly a little horn dog. She's "in heat" and yes I have her locked on the patio, and gosh ever is she loud and obnoxious. Driving me crazy that animal. I cant bring her inside cause all she does is scream inside, and I jsut cant handle all that.

5. Happily carli seems to be soo much happier. I cant even say the word "walk" without her getting all googly eyed.. ha ha

6. Oh my does AT&T drive me crazy. I swear these people can take there service and shove it up there a**. UGH well that feels better.

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