Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Rambles..

*This last week was crazy! Alot of my legal things are coming to a end and I feel like a 1000lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

* Yesterday Greg and I celebrated 1 year of dating. I came home to roses and a card. We went to dinner at longhorn, then headed to the towncenter to walk around, then we to the meet the Campbells for the first time. They are just a lovely couple. We had a great time talking about everything under the moon, even talked about blogging that we were talking about blogging. Make sense? Eh, we didnt think so. We had a great night :)

*Were headed off to GA for the day today to get my parents to sign these guardianship papers. Ya, please say a prayer for us.

*My house is a mess, which is very unusual for this Gallardo/Chaney/Powell household. Were usually pretty anal about keeping the house tidy, but I guess since we know that we will be packing it all up in about 2 weeks to move none really wants to do anything about it. Sigh, life stinks that way sometimes.

*Tuesday I go to court, to get the divorce final.

*Im so excited about fall coming up. I really just love the fall season, theres nothing like it in the world.

*My sister made us a cute card for our 1yr. Its so nice to have her here. We love every stinkin minute of it.

*Alyssa told us the other day that she wants to be the little mermaid for halloween, and when she grows up. She also told us that she wants kala to be a hashbrown, yes the ones you eat. Why? I guess thats a 3 year old mind for ya.

Alright folks, I gotta go get this family's butt in gear so we can get down there and come back.
Have a great weekend :)

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