Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a long weekend..

So folks, im sad to announce that obviously I did not get to join in on the fun of the pinterest challenge. It was a sad reality for me beasue I was so excited about it.

So saturday after we can back from georgia for the day (where they also have no AC) to get kalas guardianship papers signed, we come home to a hot house :( Our AC was broken, as well as my heart. It was a misterable night, I can not even begin to descibe the amount of discomfort it was.

Sunday morning maintence finally come out to see what the problem was. Our 25 year old unit finally gave capoot, went bad, died. Whatever you wanna call it. They brought us out what they call a "portable" unit. So we lived like hoodlums, and had sheets and quits all over every opening to the living room so that the room was closed off. (No offense to yall county folks out there that do this on a daily basis, trust me been there done that) We needed one cool room in the house and that was the only way to do it.

The one room would stay about 83 during the day and 79 at night, it truely was miserable. Probley close to 90 in all the other rooms in the house. Granted I didnt have to do my hair, or cook dinner we/I still hated every dangit minute of being in that heat. Greg and I slept in the floor while the girls slept on the couches, sleepover at night were fun, but the next morning we hurt, and hurt bad We all despised one another. I could probley bet some money that not one nice thing was uttered in the whole 72 hours.

So with that going on in the middle of packing to move, my house was a disaster. We were all a disaster, so there was no way I would be able to put together a pinterest challenge. I managed to snap a few photos for a few memories.

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