Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A mess, and a beautiful mess.

Its wonderful to me to wake up to a clean house..I dont think theres much more than can surely put me in a good mood when I first wake up.

Lets just say that A) Since im a planner, B) Were moving soon, I dont think that theres anyway I can wake up to that "clean house feeling".

Therefore I figured I would snap a few photos this am and share my discust sheer disappointment when I first wake up. I mean I try to clean and straighten the best I can, but I know theres not much to be done and its driving me nuts.

At least my beds are made right?

Only a few more days in this mess!

I did get one amazing photo, its of a mess alright.

Yup, that girl right there. Shes my beautiful mess, and nothing in this world makes me happier.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

HA! I completely agree about waking up to a clean house .... it's the best. ever.

And, your daughter is ADORABLE! :)