Friday, August 19, 2011

On moving day...

As we thought was a normal moving day. 
I just knew that it was gonna be fine, no bumps. 
Greg and I had carefully planned the day so that we wouldnt "bump heads."
(knowing him us it was certain to happen, but we were trying to not)

As I was driving to sign the least I saw a "heating and AC" truck outside the future residence, and was silently hoping that it was someone elses apt. 
Horrible person I am wishing no ac on someone else, but hey in all fairness I did my fair share of no ac for a week of summer. You can read all about that here.

As im signing the least they tell me that they are making a small change into something in my ac unit, that it was no problem. It would be fixed in no time.

I walk my happy little rump in there and see this..

Which in turn leads to this... a not so happy lover boy.

Yup, our AC is out. In the new apt. About 2 weeks after our ac was out in the old apartment.
Need less to say we did not start off well. 

We done the best we could and moved everything but the beds, so come Tues when we got our ac back we could move the beds and finish everything.

Tuesday rolled around and we got our ac finally running, and finished the move.

It was a long testy one, but we managed to only argue about a few things, and I can list those :
1) Chalk Board Labels
2) Food
3) Whos doing what
4) and more food..

Food was a testy one :)

Hope everyone has/had better luck with Air Conditioning this summer than us.

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