Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.... thats it, I am admit it!

I am a Couponer!
and I LOVE IT!

I have found a new hobby, and its couponing. I have tried it several times before and didnt really understand. I finally get it now. It a hobby that takes patience, dedication, research, and def lots of orgainzation and time.

Its awesome, Greg and I do it as a team we do it together. We both have very strong points, and doing it this way makes it much easier on the both of us. We have gotten pretty dern handy with it too. I remember our first trip, we probley spend a hour in walgreens trying our hardest to get eveeything together and figure it out. Now we make our list get everything together and were in and out in a flash.

Its still a learning process. We still often sometimes make mistakes, but for the most part we have almost messed up all you can mess up. lol

A few people have asked me to blog a little about it, so I will often write a few post here on my blog, maybe about how I got started, or whatever I feel like writing that day. And we will see how it goes.

Im gonna attach a few pics of my couponing lately.

this is my binder :) This is manly my baby, I take good care of her and although it takes a little less time to cut and stuff them, it makes a world of a difference at the stores.

Our first trip



This isnt everything, but its some of my best.
Keep in toon for some more saweet deals :)
Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.


Barbara said...

I am so glad your doing this Lelia all of it interest me. One thing I would love to see you do if you can and if I can make you understand what I am wanting.

gather up the coupons you are going to use on a shopping trip lets say to Walgreens. Take a picture of them all so we can see them. Then go shopping and come home take a picture of everything and how much was supose to be with how much you spent.

Hope you get all that because now I am lost.. LOL.. What I am wanting to see and compare. Ok how are you getting so many toothbrushes or deodorants are they free or what. Also do you only get coupons from sunday paper.

Ok that it, I love you and keep up the good work in your couponing.

Leelers♥ said...

Hey aunt barbara,
Thanks for the info, I think thats a great idea. I will see what the sales look like next weekend and I will gladly make a post like that. I want the sales to be good for you though :P. I will be coming home next weekend and maybe if u are interested we can stop by for a hour or so and show u our binder and explain a little! Just let me know :) Love and miss you. <3, Lelia

Barbara said...

oh yes, please let me know when you might be coming by so I can make sure and not fill my weekend to full.