Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY: Curtains

So finally after living in the apartment a year FINALLY settling into the apt, I finally decided to go look at the fabric store for some fabric for curtains.

It was so hard to find something that seemed to match casue the wall was a "living green" color. Dont get me wrong I loved the color, but I just didnt know what to do with it.

So with the family in tow, off to JoAnns we went.

And this is what we come home with. :) I wasnt sold right away but I knew it would go with the color of the wall. I didnt want something to look too "teen-ish".

I had decided that I wanted to try curtains YHL style, ya know not because im too lazy, it just seems easier.

So kala, you know the "very teenage, teenager" thats living with us now whiped out the iron and got to working.

Little time passed, and before we knew it we ran outta Heat Bond, and as much as I hated to stop not only was it too late but frankly I didnt feel like going out to get more.

So we went to bed like this... One panel pretty much done. "Excuse the netflix on the tv"

The next day we got the ball rolling to fix the curtains..

So this is before
(notice the green wall)
..and this is after


This is after!
 I like it, now to just find fun pillows and maybe a run.

P.S See anything different from the top pics to the bottom, yes thats a new tv. His name is Sammy, hes my new love. Well talk about him and all his glory lata.
And yes.. im currently looking for a new tv stand. If u have any ideas there more than welcome!!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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