Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello July!

I can NOT believe, OK maybe I can  that half of 2011 is gone already.

This woman has got to get down to business on her 101. I have lots of slacking to catch up on.

Slacker RIGHT here!
(Raises her had a waves vigorously)

Life's not slowing down at all really, Seems to be only growing and growing. (that's what she said)! HA OK anyways. So lemme give u a down low on whats been going on with me and my little life.

My girl is now 3 1/2, and boy is she such of a sassy little girl. This parenting this is a beautiful mess isn't it? I just love it to pieces. Evey morning she wakes up and comes and cuddles with me for about 5-10 mins, and its like "our" time for the day. She now tells me what she wants to wear and dresses her self. She writes her name, and loves to learn and write more and more every day.
We have had to extend bedtime. We never had a problem with the time change until this summer. Since she wakes up at ya know, the ass crack of dawn 6:45, we decided that it wont hurt her to go to bed at nine, when shes good and tired. I tried 8:30 but she was still tossing and turning and finding excuses to come out her room. So nine has been working great. She loves to go swimming and going to the beach this year.

My darling "very teenage" sister had come to send the summer with us like usual, and for that we were soo very excited about. Come to find out she wanted to make this situations a little more PERMANENT. EKK
Getting to have a real relationship with her again, I think so!
Getting to watch her and help her grow into a beautiful, and amazing young lady, I think so!
Getting to help her get a first job and help her through her senior year, I think so!
(this could go on and on)
Needless to say we are all so excited. Not only for our family to grow bigger, but for us to all be together. I can have my sister again FINALLY! Alyssa can have her aunt ( cause she just adores her aunt Kala not really sure why, ha ha JK), and Greg looks to her like his little sister. Its all just lovely.

Greg and I, we are doing just lovely! We have had our ups and down, but quickly realized that we are good for each other. I don't know if we have ever been better.

So that's that, were going to be moving soon to accommodate that very teenager darling sister of mine. Bigger place, means another room to decorate. Maybe this time I will actually blog about that decorating process. Only if I was as good as the lovely YHL, or BPB. They are amazing and rock my socks.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day, thanks for joining us in
this journey we call life.

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