Friday, July 15, 2011

Couponing, Where to begin?

Im gonna start with saying,
WE not a professionals!
This is a hobby for greg and I, and a few of my family and friends asked me to do this it goes.

First I wanna give a biggole thanks to my boy toy. I couldnt do this without him, were a team ;p.

Basic 5 steps to couponing:
1. Get the coupons from the sunday papers.
2. Do you price matching/research on items to purchase that week.
3.Get your coupons together.
4.Make a shopping list.
5.Go shopping.

Looks simple.. eh?

My first piece of advice is to collect coupons and decide your choice of organization. Collecting coupons is easy, you get them all over the place. You get the from the newspaper, internet, magazines, store ads. You can litterly get them from anywhere.Organization is the key. We all know I do the binder, BUT its not for everyone. Some people choose the accordian file method, and hey if that works for you to then go for it!
Here is a few tid bits of info and ideas on that here

How many papers to buy? Thats a question everyone ask. I have heard the rule of thumb is 1 per person in your house. Persoanlly we get 2 min, 4 if the inserts are good. You should never get a odd number though. Reason being is for B1G1 sales ( which you will see is a very effective way to stock up.)

Buy price list, this is a list u need to print and put in your binder, or beside your toilet. Where ever so you see it all the time. If u are spending more than what that list says you are paying too much. Say NOOO! Get comfortable with it, make it your best friend.

Once you are all set and ready to start getting the sales, there are a few ways you can do it.
Personally I am lazy, I want other people to do the hard work for me. AKA Internet :)
Greg likes to do it the old fashin way. AKA Reading the ads.
I go to my favorite wedsite Southern Savers. There she does all the hard work for you.
Click the store you wanna go to and she tells you whats on sale. If theres a coupon out there for it, and if there is where it is or how to get it.

She actually is amazing, and goes WAY more into detail, ( I mean it is her job). I have really learned everything I know from her. (Im a little obsessed) YES! I actually went to her class wednesday (Stalkerish?? NAHH)

Truth be told theres alot to it. Its a lot of work. Being a full time workin mom, I know! I will say though if you are commited you can do it, just like me and the thousands of others out there.
There were many times that I started couponing, and I just couldnt get it. This time was different for me casuse I had someone to push me to kep going.

I will go more into the sales and stuff next time. So keep an eye out :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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