Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad House....

Or aka Garden Ridge.
(when there going outta business)

Yup u read right Garden Ridge here in Jacksonville, FL, is going out of business. It is such a sad story, as I really liked to go in there and get fun/cheap stuff.

Heres the story folks..

Sunday morning we were waiting on HHGreg, and Best Buy to open so we could get a real life peek of sammy and all his awesome ness. (you can catch a glimpse of him here ) As we were driving by, TONS of people were pullin into the store. We had a hour to blow so we had to pop in and see what was going on.

Well everyone and there brother was out to get some of the 50% off sales. We grabbed a few things, but before we knew it the line to check out was all the way in the back of the store. Since we knew that we didnt want anything big we put our things back and left. Snapping pics of this mess as we left.

We vowed to give the lady behind us that were waiting 3 1/2 HOURS, HOURS people to buy her 4 sets of scrubs, our spot in line, I didnt love that end table THAT much.

If anyone went ant waited in line, lemme know how it went for you. I know you had to have some sort of interesting story to tell.


Anonymous said...

I went yesterday and it looked like a tornado went through. We actually have a lot of stuff from there - couch, loveseat, kitchen table, Christmas tree. I got a giant ottoman and two barstools yesterday for $120. And I only waited in line 20-30 minutes, lol.

Lelia♥ said...

Oh wow, thats awesome! What time did u go?