Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Target saved me :)

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing life planner, and how I was counting down the days until I could get my sweet little hands on one. I was still ashamed I wanted to spend that amount of money on a planner, when I have went threw at least 3 this year already. ekk

Today Target saved me, saved me money, saved my time of being anxious awaiting the planner to come in the mail, saved me time on having to choose the planner and customize it to my liking.

While we were totally perusing target (for kala some cheaper graduation shoes) I had to scan the planner isle do to my obsession with planners. And I found this sweet baby. Now for all you life planner fans, I still love the  life planner, she just has most of everything I was looking for and it was for only 11.99 :)

The Front and First page :)

A page for school schedule, and then a page for important dates to remember.

2 year calender

The month view

After the month view there is a notes page, the left side is just lines, the right side has graph lines. (Not sure why, but whatever!)

The weekly view.

Close up of the tabs, and the back. Best of all its recycled!

I think a lot of it I am going to be using a pencil, I hate not being able to erase something I wrote in. I will be giving you all a update once I can start writing and actually using it. The months don't start until July. UGH!!!

I fully intend on using  post it flags to write down what bills are due, and stick them to the date they are due and once I pay them I can place them on the next month. They also can be used for anything else that I don't want to be permanent to the planner.  YAY!

Oh well I love it, and I think I will love it just like I would have loved a life planner, Hope the bestie loves it too cause I bought her the same one for her birthday :)

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