Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank you Memorial Day Sale.

For allowing me to get a new laptop so I can blog, and read blogs, and comment on blogs  start school in the fall. :) That right Im a college girl now. Thank you, I know I know I have alot on my plate, but its nothing I can handle.

I didnt get the mac book I wanted but thats ok. I shouldnt really spend the 1200 at the moment right now anyways. Afterall we are buying a house. LOL

Man this weather is crazy. I had no idea about this tropical storm untill like friday. Kalas work even got closed down. Thankfully I dont have to be driving in this weather tomorrow morning. Its been a lovely afternoon here at the house. Although I was very thrilled about grilling me some burgers tomorrow, but I dont know how much of that grilling can be done. We shall see what Beryl has in store for us the next 24 hours.

Were right there in middle, Yea that green dot. When we were picking up kala from work, gregs portable weather station was picking up wind gust at 25 mph, and that was at 6.

Anyways, today i found 2 for the 3 furbaby kittens a home. Thnakfully they we to what seemed to be a great home, and 2 went together. The last one here at home seems so sad and she misses her sisters. It was hard to watch them go after you raised them. I guess its the same as children, It would be hard for every mom to let go.

Anyways everyone, im off. Gonna hunker down and cuddle this stormy night away with my loves. Everyone be safe out there.

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