Monday, May 28, 2012

Beryl wasn't sooo bad

Had he had time time to get hisself a little more together I think we have had a aweful storm.

I went out this morning to see if I could find some damages, and there were a few things that caught my eye.

I know he did more damage in other areas this was just within a mile of where we lived. There were a few other down trees but nothing I could really snap at the time.

We had brought out all of our candles and lighters and put them in a central location in case the power went out and put some waters in the fridge. That was about all the preparing we done cause we knew it wouldnt be too bad.

During the storm we just hunkered down and home and watched some tv, and played on the internet. We never lost power though thankfully.

As of today, its still kinda gloomy were gonna try to get some cookin out in anyways. So here to all of those that served, the ones we lost while surving, and to those who are still serving. I am so thankful for you. Hope everyone is having a blessed memorial day. :)

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