Monday, July 16, 2012

May 30 untill now..

We have a lot to catch up on...

I have been kinda stuck here blogging because I didn't know what to say or even how to say it. There has been so many things that have happened and I wasnt sure what was appropriate. Kala's now living back home with my parents. It was a tough decision and it broke all of our hearts, but it was for the best. Rules weren't being followed and we kept being disrespected. So Greg and I done the best thing we knew to do and just take her back home. 

Good news is that she graduated. We were all so proud of her. On June 5th my teenager walked across the sage, and we had a great day celebrating it.

Wasnt she just beautiful :) She beamed!

We celebrated with a fair amount of close friends and family. It truly was a great way to spend kalas day. We sure do miss that girl, and we hope that she makes the right decisions in life, and lives a long and happy one.

My last post I was blogging about a planner I had bought that "substituted" the famous Life Planner. When they came out and started being printed and posting photos, I just couldn't hide it, I was so jealous. I have been wanting one for so long and I was just going to pass again.. and that damn sweet boyfriend of mine bought me one. He insisted on buying me one simply because "I deserved it." Let me tell you that was the longest 23 days I had.. I checked the status ever day, checked there pages to see if my planner had printed and hoped they would post a photo of it like they had others. Low and behold on the famous Friday the 13th she came in the mail. Shes everything I hoped her to be and more... :)

We still have not got any word on the house. :( Boo I know. Its pretty lame, and we are beginning to get VERY antsy. 

On the 4th of July, we went to "The Australians" Nigel & Nichole's House. It was such a great time. They had tons of food, tons of fireworks and a 22 FT water slide.  It sure was a BLAST!!

This past Sunday we had greg had his first WIN of the season. We were all SOO excited for him. Shitty part is they don't give trophies.. So all we had to show was a 100 dollar bill :)

There are so many other fun times we have had already this summer, I cant even list them all. I do have a big fun blog planned My birthday weekend!!!So yall hang tight and I will be back before to long with the best weekend of all :)

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Unknown said...

This is me....leaving a damned comment. What my wife says, she gets!! Love you! Can't wait for the bday post!