Monday, October 31, 2011

This past week...


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It all started with a our very first NFL game Monday night, Jaguars vs. Ravens. We were meeting our favorite couple downtown, Sage and Desirae. It was a good time at the game, even though the ravens lost, its always a good time with them. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home so everyone could get a nice big Fatty patty :)

Kala GOT A JOB!!
@ 5 Guys. We are so excited for her. She is going to orientation today at 3:30.

Thursday, Kala and I went to lys tailgating party at school. It was a good time, and frankly I think she was quite confused when mamma was there. I don't think she realized she still had to follow school rules, and so what her teachers told her to do. 

Friday we done a trick or treat around the apartment complex, and we did lots of cleaning, baking and crafts for our little Ga/Fl Party we had Saturday. It was such a good weekend. IT was even a better weekend when the 

Oh, we were all so tickled pink. It was a weekend that we wont forget for some time. Sadly I was so busy I didnt even take any photos of the party. Oh well. Heres my iphone photo dump from the past week or so. :)


Also a few videos for extra cuteness:)

Hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween today :) I will be sure to post lots more pics from tonight probably later this week :)

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