Monday, November 7, 2011

...fairy tales do come true

They did for my girl this Halloween anyways :)

Greg wanted to be her prince charming since Alyssa wanted to be Cinderella.
To me it was heavenly..

My prince and prince charming looked so adorable :)
Alyssa still looks at her pictures and talks about how that day she was Cinderella. That is a mothers dream to really give your kids a chance to be whoever they want on Halloween, and it felt good to fulfill it. 

Before and After she got ready :)

We had a Great time with the hopwood family, Cant wait till we can hang out with them again :)
Hope everyone had a awesome halloween like I we did :)

Im leaving you with my favorite shot of the evening :)

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ajc_tas said...

That is so sweet!!! she is such a beauty!