Monday, November 7, 2011

Reliving High School, Home Coming Week :)

So, I have since found a awesome perk of having a high school-er living with you.. 
You have to document them all cause theres not many.
Hahaha, just kidden-kinda??

Some Perks include:
Dish Washer
Baby Sitter
A Go-getter 
(hey I need this or that)
Having a sister again<3
Having someone help with crafts
They love to bake cookies

The newest Perk I have found is getting to almost relive your high school year. This week is what I called spirit week :) EKK

Monday-Nerd Day
Tuesday-Hero Day
Wednesday-Decade Day
Thursday-Spirit Day/Home Coming

So thats right I will be posting Ridiculous Pics of the girl starting today...

This is how I would love to wake up every morning, it would always put a smile on my face..

Untill tomorrow :)

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