Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Our weekend rocked our socks. We haven't had such a great weekend in such a long time. 
I personally blame it all on the fall weather. I told you i'm such a better person around fall season. 

Friday night kala had a friend come over and my love and I had a date. It surely was AMAZING! We went to dinner at the new hurricanes at the beach, then went to check out footloose. It was a great time. Since after the movie was over and my girl was in bed, greg and I decided to ride over to the UNF parking garage where we heard of another car show. It was a good time :)

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out to Lowes while the teenagers were still sleeping to get some fall mums for my pots, and grab some yummy krispy kreme doughnuts. Knock that off my fall bucket list. YA :) Before lunch we headed down to the beach to take the pups for a nice walk. Came home got some lunch then spent the next few hours relaxing. 

After the baby woke up we planted our flowers and hung out outside. It was so beautiful out we stayed outside as much as we could. That afternoon we headed off to our friends house to watch some football, then went to sonic shortly after. It was a lovely day.

Sunday was even better. We got to spend sunday with our ga family. I could not have asked for a better way to end our weekend than spending the day with them. It was so lovely to sit and laugh and eat, and mainly just spend the day with each other.

Next weekend Traci and I will be doing the same thing again. I cant wait. Greg is taking kala and a friend to Halloween horror night while lys and I get some much needed girl time. :)

Hoping we can sneak in some pumpkin patch, maybe even a hay ride or 2 :)

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