Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally number 7 on my 101.

 I finally done it, that is number 7 on my 101. It was def quite challenging, but this morning on the way to work something told me it was time to do it.  Its not very long, but I didnt need it to be.

Dear Lyssa,

           Its now been almost 4 years since I first laid my eyes on you there on the monitor of my first doctors appointment, before I knew it I had you, there in my arms. The most beautiful 7lb red-headed baby, with blue eyes I had ever seen. I never though I could love and cherish someone so much. You truly are a gift from god, only he could bless me with something like you. Sometimes I sit back and watch you play, talk, & laugh. I will always remember that sparkle of your eyes as you would cackle, or the curl or your hair. Oh there are so many more little things. You are amazing dear, with every breath you take.
           You have always been loved everywhere you go, even as a infant. There is something about you that is just so humble, and lovely. I could not have been blessed with anything more beautiful. Sometimes when you are sleeping I just come and cuddle with you, or swoop you up and bring you back to my bed, and cuddle with you for hours.I hope you grow up and become all you hope in dream about. I know that you deserve all of it and more. Your so smart and I know you can achieve it. Not only are you smart and beautiful, but you have a heart of gold.
           Thank you Alyssa Marie, for making me so happy & giving me life full of laughter and heart full of love. You really warm my soul. You have made me the woman I am today. I am so proud to be your mommy.

                                                                               Love you dearly,
                                                                       Your mommy, Lelia

Thanks for following us in this journey we call life.

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