Friday, January 28, 2011

Fill in the blank friday!

Got this from here, check jessicas amazing blog out :)

1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things I would grab
*Lys, zoie, and my purse.
(carli will run)

2. A smell I really like is
*Polo Black!

3. Something you might not know about me is
*I really care about how people judge me

4. Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are
*Facebook, and blogger, young house love

5. This weekend I will be
*Goin to a birthday party, lookin for a church home, grocery shopping.

6. Nothing makes me happier than
*Hearing my baby giggle:)
7. A bad habit I have is
*Bitting my nails

Thanks for following this journey we call life.

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