Monday, January 2, 2012

Alyssa Marie

Today my girl turned 4 years old. Today like every new years day for the past 3 years was bitter sweet, happy my girl is getting so big yet so sad at the same time. 

Today we had so much fun. It was so nice, and stress free. I couldn't have asked for a better day with my loves especially on her special day.

(Last night Kala and I blew up about 80 balloons to put in her bedroom for when she woke up the next morning... Well thankfully I took a photo the night before because they all fell over night. We were heartbroken but she was still so excited to see them all over the floor when she woke up.)

When we woke up and I made some pancakes and a smiley face one for my girl.
We watched a few shows and then opened presents.
Got ready to go out.
Went to grab some lunch. Got a amazing desert for her from the restaurant for her b-day.
Went to get our nails done.
Went to adventure landing where we played some mini golf, and some go cart racing. 
(She ended up not racing after we got in the car, she was still a little scared)
Came home and got a power nap.
Made our video (now annual) for our b-day girl.
Made some dinner, and had some cake.
Then it was bath and bed for our sweet girl.

Here a few photos throughout the day:

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Kandid Kelli said...

What kind of video did you make?

She's a doll