Sunday, January 29, 2012

You know it, you've all been there...

When you have some sort if writers block, or been too busy to stop and really think much less write considering it was the 2nd since I last wrote. Lemme break down the last 27 days for you.

 *I can announce something that I never thought I would be able to say again....I not longer have high cholesterol anymore.....WOO FREAKING HOO!!!!! It's been almost 7 months since that last told me my cholesterol was 266, and now this girl is down to 169!!! Which is truly a blessing considering I done it all on my own, no meds for this gal.

 *Kala passed all her classes this semester, and took her SAT. Shes been working alot and bringin' home that bacon, You go girl!

 *Tucker our 5 month old lab weighs a whopping 54.3 lbs, and has figured out he can jump on furniture. GREAT! Also in fur baby news Carli, the 3 legged collie went to the vet (due to her having a hard time getting around lately), and we were told to start saving for a new hip.

 *Alyssa is great, nothing new with her lately same prissy girl as always. No one told me that having a girl was so hard. There bossy, and needy, and dramatic. Yet so sweet, loving and accepting all at the same time. She has starting to "notice" how people look in public and ask questions. Like "Mommy, why does that woman have a big belly?" "Mommy, what's wrong with his neck?" Ya know things of That nature. I honestly don't know how to handle it other by telling her that we don't talk about others. We're thinking about putting her inside sort of dance class. She prances and and dances ALL day, and yes it's cute.

*We celebrated Australia Dat with Greg's co-worker Thursday it was awesome.

*Greg and I had a AMAZING date night with our friends at adventure landing, it was awesome to be kids again for about 3 hours.

 *Alyssa goes to the dentist for the first time tuesday, I will def be letting you know how that goes.

*Greg starts school tomorrow, he's excited. I'm happy for him, yet jealous at the same time, I wish I could go like now, oh well I will get there in due time.

 What all have you done this month?? Anything exciting??

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