Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Rambles :)

So here is is.
Ahh.. its so my favorite time of year♥
Things in the gallardo house have been crazy!!
Lys has been trying to drive her mama up the wall, but I have been stern and consistant.. and everythings starting to level out, and I see the beginnings of my sweet baby back.

I shall SOON be getting internet at the apt. Is SOO long overdue.
Theres just been so much going on that I havent been into blogging to much. I tend to notice when alot is going on I try to steer away from my blog. I dont really wanna remember my hard times. I know that they make me every bit of who I am, but I will always have them in my heart, dont wanna post them everywhere. Make sense? 

I am so excited about this month.. so many fun things planned..
*Fall festival  (including corn maze, and hay ride)
*Dentist apt
*Ga/Fl game

This year also marks one year since my grandma passed :( Thats hard, and I still cant believe she isnt here. I just wish I could call and go by and see her whenever I can. I still ride with her pic in my car, and I still talk to her about all thats going on. I know shes up there looking down on us :)
Lys is going to be a GA cheerleader for halloween. Lily is going to be a FL cheerleader.. How appropriate being that its the ga/fl game weekend. SOOO exciting!
I am sooo in love with the fact that I finally feel like my life is headed to right where is should be. :)

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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♥ Kate ♥ said...

Ummm all I've really got to say is YAY!!!! I seriously CAN'T wait!!!