Monday, August 9, 2010

MIA... yes?!? But I have good reason promise!

I have really been on a emotional roller coaster.
I have been told that I portray my life to pretty amazin, and I guess I dont really let alot of people in to what is really going on.
Im going to try my hardest to not do it anymore, therefore.

There has been lots of issues that my marriage has been facing, and I keep it all bottled up with only a few knowing the whole truth. Im not really going to go into deal about the past and about what HAS happend, because its gone and theres nothing that I/or anyone can do to get that time back. All I can do is grow from it, and take everyday for what its worth. I want to live, and love, and laugh like I never done before. What a better time to that RIGHT now. I knew this year would bring me big changes, I could feel it. It was all unexplainable to me then, but now I know why this year felt so big.

I guess I cant sugar coat it, Brandon and I are currently seperated. It was a agreement that we both mutually agreed too. Im assuming that after 6 months or so we will reevlauate the situation, and come to a conclusion later. We just feel that if its not going to work that since lys is so young its the best time to do it, expecially with me having the amazing job, working with amazing people.

With all this, I had to put my big girl panties on and go out and get a apt in MY name. It was a big step for me, and it took alot to actually do it rather than backing out, and just going with the flow of things. There for the move in day is Sept 15th :) Lys will still go to her daycare, and I will still come to work.

Wow did that feel good to say outloud.!!
So there it is No more bottling anything up :) Promise

BTW, here soon there will be a little bloggy facelift, I will get back to you as soon as the days get closer. :)

Thanks again for joining me in this journey we call life!

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Mikayla Lee said...

I'm sorry to hear that ya'll are having problems, but you both seem very adult in how you are handling!!! I wish you the best, sweetie!