Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Days of me: Day 1

Day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I am a pepsi addict. I love love it!
2. I love love love to dance and sing in the car, nothing else can sync me with my emotions more.
3. Sexy heels make me feel unstoppable :)
4. My hands get oober dry all the time and I dislike it severly, so I always need lotion or im not a happy girl and get super uncomfortable about it.
5. I get lots of anxiety about dying sometimes, It can really take over me if I let it I just have to pray and that calms me down.
6. It will drive me up the wall to know that my daughter has boogers in her nose.. Gross I know but I dont think I could possibly sleep if it come to that.
7. I absolutly LOVE fall season! Just thinking about makes me incredibly excited!
8. I get a sense of joy in creating new things, saying that I can make that if I want too.. but after I know I can do it I dont really wanna do it anymore.
9. I wasnt/am not very book smart. The thought of going back to school terrifies me cause It will just make me feel even dumber!
10. I HATE scarry movies, anything that involves blood, or anything thats isnt human, scares the shit out of me and I will freak myself out for days.
11. I never know who actors are?? LOL I never really pay attention to names, i just know hot or not :)
12. I use to hate that my dad made sundays "family days." They would always be routein, bacon in the morning, and a big ole roast for dinner. Guess what goes on in my house on sundays.. yup Family day, with bacon and a roast!
13. I love to bake, but never really like to eat it after.
14. I have specific glasses for certain things, and I only really like to drink out of glass. (i guess I can be a little OCD)
15. I always want to believe everything in my house should have a home, but it never seems as though they find that so called "home."

Thanks for joining this journey we call.

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