Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ok ok.. truth be known..

I havent blogged because I dont have internet at home. Not having the internet stop my capability to upload pics from MR. Cannon. and its driving me crazy. I have tons of pics from sea world, and lots of other thing that I Just cant upload currently and its driving me bonkers.

Other than that last tuesday, alyssa got her first queen size bed. She was SOO excited when everything was getting put together. THEN bed time rolled around and she was NOT happy then, but shes ok with it now. Every morning she still comes to get me and cuddle for a little while. Its so so sweet. :) This morning I couldnt find my phone, and she INSISTED that she find it for me.

We went as a family to sea world this past weekend, and it was so wonderful. We had a good good time. We ate at 2 places I had never been to before.. (due to living in a box in my young'en days)
The Rainforest Cafe OH my is was SOOO yummy. BEST chichen alfredo, hands down!
Logas Roadhouse We went there for lunch out of the park, and we are soo glad. It was super yummy. Got steak, ribs, buffalo chicken tengers, fries, and baked potatoes, and rolls, and peanuts for 30 bucks. Very worth it. YUMO-O

Also sat night when we were a little undecisive about dinner, I decided to march my happy butt to the pearl store there at sea world. There you can choose a oyster and get the pearl that was in the oyster. Heck yea, and it was only 15 bucks so we done and it and I had it mounted into a ring. Pretty cheap and fun. I got lots of pics.. BUT due to lack of internet.. ONCE AGAIN. I cant show you.
We were gonna stay at the park till fireworks, but I wanted to feed my youngen, and I was hungry and didnt wanna eat at the park so we left and stopped to get some checkers on the way home.
We all woke up sunday packed and was on the way home, but the time 12 rolled around we were back in JAX grocery shopping. LOL

It was fun and much needed. Looks as though we are going to be HELLA busy the next few weekends due to getting ready to move. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT 2 months are we will be in NC! OH MY! Its so so overwhelming. BAAAA but im so excited. Well I hope yall have a wonderful day and Ima keep you posed more often PROMISE!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Katie said...

I didn't realize you were in Jax. I live in Orlando! You were in my area of town. :) I'm glad things are going well and I hope you can get Internet soon to post some pics.