Wednesday, May 18, 2011

... humph

I wish I could get out of my blogger phobia. Its almost as though I never have anything to say in here anymore.

I can say that I dont know what it is, but this week im having a hard time. I am missing being married.

I miss the feeling that u get living in a military community.

I miss my marital house, that I raised my daughter in.

I miss being secure in a relationship.

I miss not having to worry, or have doubts.

I miss having a close circle of friends.

Somedays I really feel like this, and I knew I would have these days. Just sucks when I feel like I dont really have anyone to lean on anymore. I know every day Im getting better and stonger.

But even on my weakest days,

 I LOVE having alyssa all to myself.

I LOVE having to answer to noone.

I LOVE being able to do things by myself, and not needing anyone.

...this is LOVE.. having this everyday


♥ Kate ♥ said...

I may be far away but know i am ALWAYS here, ANYTIME, for ANYTHING!! ♥

Leelers♥ said...

Thanks sweets :) Love youuuu

Erica said...

I feel the same way sometimes babe. I'm ALWAYS here if you need to talk <3