Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heres my trumpet

Its been a while, eh?

How ya been? Things have been crazy, hectic, fun, unanxious-ish alright here. I am so close to a point where I can begin to blog about whatever I want again, and not have to live in fear that the wrong person will read my blog. Things have been slowly getting better though. Its a relief to say that yesterday I actually filed my divorce papers, WOOO HOOO! Like one of the attorneys said yesterday, there should be some trumpets or something right?? Well theres my trumpet, yes im tooting my own horn. Its been a LONG time a commin :)

Lyssa is doing amazing, to say they least. She is so amazingly smart for her age. She can ride her ticycle finally. Its actually my fault she hasnt already learned, I had to get my lazy butt out the apartment and help her learn.

This past weekend I actually went to the NHRA Gator Nationals down in Gainesville FL. It was absolutely awesome. I was quite exhausted and sun burnt after but will defiantly be going next year.

I also have been going to see a therapist for a few of my anxiety issues. Its been quite different admitting that it defeated me and that I need the help, but I guess that's one step to my recovery is admitting that I need the help. I never thought that I would need something like that, but I guess with ALL that happened the past year it was a lot on me, and I can accept that now.

I am dating a certain someone, and he is quite amazing to my daughter and me. It makes me happy to know that there love out there, you just have to find it and have hope. I will be posting a picture overload post here before too long so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life.

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Mikayla Lee said...

It makes me happy to hear you are happy, babe!