Thursday, November 4, 2010

.... thursday rambles...

Sometimes I use to hate this military lifestyle. Its hard, Really dang hard! I use to wish and DREAM, that one day I wouldnt have to live this way. I could actually live something we call "normal." Then I have that chat with one of my loves I have met on the way. To me thats the greatest reward of being married to someone in the service. You meet so many different people, and you form bonds that can never be broken. I always know that I can always call upon certain people No matter what or what time cause thats the way its ALWAYS been.


So here it is the first week of november.. DANG.. Where has the year gone???!?!? Its been a pretty good one! LOL I am still excited and looking forward for the rest of it. Hopefully well go out with a bang :) Yesterday I became a MARY KAY consultant! I am SOOO excited about this. Its something I wanted to do for a while. There make-up is pretty fab so why not sell something I love :)

This baby Little girl of mine, has been quite the trip lately:) Shes learning and growin into a AMAZING little girl. Makes this mamma VERY proud of her. She knows all kinds of songs that come on the radio and just bust out the lyrics. Who knew at 2?? Never did I think that would happen. LOL She has been having bad dreams the other day. Which then turned into there being COOKIES in the tub, and she very terrified :( But daycare teachers talked to her, and all the kids ate all the cookies all gone, so shes over that! Thank goodness!! Its amazing how much daycare really helps them. :) As hard as it was at first, but I am so happy that I made that decision. She is using her manners so fluently. It makes me feel soo good to know that I raised such a amazing daughter, and I cant wait untill its my turn to do it again. One day.. sigh!

Thanks for joining us in this journey we call life..

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